Heart of Gold Vol 2 launch dates

Hey everyone! We're happy to finally announce launch dates for the beginning of Heart of Gold: Vol 2. The first update will include the cover and 4 pages, starting at various dates depending on the Patreon tiers. 

Launch Dates

• Archangels & Martyrs: July 31
• Saints: August 28
• Believers & Priests & everyone else: September 25
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Here's a graph to illustrate our update schedule a bit - we asked around and it seemed like the majority of patrons would prefer 2 pages spread over the week instead of the usual double-page update once per week. We're happy to oblige! It stays the same as before for public updates however, since we figured it might work better with the new website.
Another addition to the updates are now planned breaks; with this year, we've noticed that life gets too hectic sometimes so we decided to have a planned, 1-week break after every chapter. 

We now also have specific channels/chatrooms in our discord for every tier to discuss the early updates, if they'd like!

To say we're thankful for your support during this long hiatus is an understatement - we're really grateful you all allowed us this time to work our hardest on these pages and we hope you'll like them. It's been a crazy year with more obstacles than imagined, but we're finally back!! Thank you for believing in us and in this story, it's incredibly touching to know there's people out there in this world who'd support us this much. We love you! 💛

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