Hearth & Heart Volume 2 Autumn edition 2017
One day after release of Hearth & Heart Volume 1 Autumn, I turned my focus to getting out the Volume 2 Autumn edition.

Here's where I'm at so far...

I wrote 1 brand new original story, I have dusted off 2 previous unfinished stories and am working to finish one of them in time for the release.  And  I also have the beginnings of a brand new story which I have been writing.

What's different about this edition of H & H is that I usually write in the first person, because my stories are all based on actual experiences.  This is why I like to use the label -Magical Realism-.

But in this edition, at least one of the stories is pure imagination, and is not written in first person.  

I was working on it this morning and was so relieved to see it waking up after such a long sleep.  I originally began writing this story in July 2011, and it was the first time I began to realize that a story could actually tell itself to me.  I began thinking of it as a living thing, which I still do.  But alas, I got busy with other things and allowed the story to go into a deep slumber.

When I recently reread what I had started, I found myself very much wanting to read more of it.  So I whispered a little encouragement -Please wake up-.  It took a couple of days, but this morning it began to speak to me once more...

I couldn't be more excited.  I can't wait to read what happens next.