Another recent sketchbook illustration! You may have seen WIPs of it on Instagram last month. This one is of June doing some work on the astral with etheric cords, which ey specializes in. Watercolor + colored pencil.

If you're not familiar, etheric cords are spiritual ties that connect you to other people, places, things, pets, etc. that you have had experiences with in your lifetime or previous lifetimes. Bigger/more intense experiences result in stronger cords. The connections can form out of experiences or love or trauma or anything in between. Sometimes they even need to be cut. This article explains them pretty well (note: I am not endorsing the site it's on in general, new-agey stuff can be really dicey), at least in the way I understand them. Like a lot of metaphysical concepts, there's a lot of different takes out there. 

Anyway, etheric cords are gonna be a big deal in the comic (they are one of the things the name of the comic references after all)! And they are a thing that is very real to me, personally, so I wanted to share.

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