Hearts and Stuff
I've never been the romantic Valentine's Day type, but man, sometimes you just can't argue with an aesthetic. I got some good mileage out of my bright pink wall and some glittery felt hearts in 2015, after all, between babe Freshie Juice, Faylin Lynx, and silly photos with my bestie Cameron

The closest I got this year was photographing some cookies (my one true love), so sorry for the throwback Tuesday! 

If you celebrate this day or if you don't, just remember there are all kinds of love in the world, and they are all good. Don't fall into the trap of feeling inadequate if you don't have some cinema romance, because friendships are great, and dogs are great, and a bottle of wine in the bathtub with a book is great, and a dance party full of anonymous strangers is great, and love and joy are everywhere for people willing to look.

And since you're already looking here, I love you too.