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Heartscience Fund
Heartscience is creating a fund to offer grants to people who need health resources that aren't covered by insurance such as alternative medicine or spiritual healing/counseling.

We will do some fund raising for the project and then offer grants to people who are going through spiritual emergence, coming off psych drugs, or having any sort of health crisis that has meaning to them outside of the western medical model.

Another piece of my Heartscience vision is to offer grants of supplements, herbs and other natural remedies that insurance doesn't cover. With some effort I could get donations of these items, perhaps just expired, or otherwise. I've seen herbal clinics do this very successfully.

A big part of the project will also be people sharing their stories, anonymously or not.

Please share and let me know your ideas, or if you'd like to participate by applying for a grant or donating money or healing items to the fund.

Practitioners are also invited to donate services to the fund for grant recipients to receive.

Thanks for your support!