HEAT #421 - Dick Takes Instructions Well
New comic! Also, time to start drawing some more comics for the ol' buffer. 


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Pledge $0.01 or more per Comic
Patrons Only
Staff Room Access
$1 or more per Comic

  • Early access to each Hell, Inc. strip. When I post each week's strip, the strip for the following week will also be posted for patrons. 
  • Access to production artwork, scripts, and behind-the-scenes stuff from Hell, Inc. and my other comic projects. The plan is to post a script-to-final page breakdown for a strip at least once a month.
Employee of the Week
$2 or more per Comic
  • When a new strip is posted, one patron will get a shoutout as Employee of the Week in the newspost attached to the comic. 

  • You also get the early access rewards from the $1 tier. 
Assistant to the Regional Manager
$5 or more per Comic
  • Access to a Dropbox folder containing digital versions of my independently produced comics. When a new comic comes out, it will be added to the folder for you to download to any device you choose.  

  • You also get the stuff from the $1 and $2 tiers!
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