heat death: A Poem by Jennifer Mace

In the last poll, Patrons voted for a poem! Here's one from the excellent Jennifer Mace. This post was for Patrons only until the 7th of March, at which point it became free to the public. 

Image description: Title card for heat death by Jennifer Mace with a field of stars over a pink and purple background. A white line drawing of a woman with a long braid is seated in the bottom right corner with the author's name in text over it. The woman's right arm is extended upwards as though reach for the stars, and the title, which appears in white script at the top. 

heat death
by Jennifer Mace

there are times
when the night unfurls within you
like an ocean, a road
made of silver and moon,

and stars pierce your skin
just like rainfall, uprooting your body
from the earth,

and the sounds of the city
empty out the space where you keep your dreams
until, hollow, you turn your face westward, and say,

'i am older than iron,' say,
'the sun is dying,' say,
'we are all
made of the gaps
between things, and
i think that mine
grow hungry.'

shh, love, hush;
you will dream again soon,
and your skin will settle
around the constellations of your bones,
and all the humming galaxies
will tumble down to sleep
until your skull has formed a cradle
of their fears.


Jennifer Mace is a queer Brit who roams the Pacific Northwest in search of tea and interesting plant life. A three-time Hugo-finalist podcaster for her work with Be The Serpent, she writes about strange magic and the cracks that form in society. Her short fiction may be found in Baffling and her anthology Silk & Steel: A Queer Speculative Adventure Anthology, while her poetry has appeared in venues such as Uncanny Magazine and Reckoning. Find her online at www.englishmace.com.

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