HEAT on Patreon is LIVE!
That's right, HEAT is now on Patreon! Those of you who support this new endeavour will have access to a variety of cool rewards. All patrons will have access to a behind-the-scenes blog here in Patreon, where you'll get to see stuff like work-in-progress art, future scripts, and even early access to new HEAT strips! This post is an example of the kind of stuff you'll have access to, starting at only $1 per comic! This is HEAT #310, which will be online in two weeks, as it existed halfway through inking. You'll notice that very few black sections are filled in - that's the last step in the art, for me. While this post is free, Patrons will be able to read HEAT 309 a week early - it'll be posted to Patreon tonight during RAW.
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