HeatFinder Report for May 2016

THANK YOU to our patrons who pledged their support to us during April! Thanks to your support, HeatFinder can continue to operate for the Heat Community! Current funding appears to be strong but we still have a lot to do. We would like to provide awards in the form of a trophy for our league's driver champions.

Here are some things that happened at HeatFinder during April...

- HeatFinder has released our new Community News format of HeatFinder.net.

- Jess Rathbun and HLTV: Heat Live TV continue live streaming many great Heat Community races with commentary. (Watch the latest HLTV race replays)

Here is what you have to look forward to in May...

- The 2016 ARL All-Star Race takes place May 14th.

- HeatFinder continues to run 6 different series in ARL, OWAction and TourSport while HMS continues with the WGTS Series.

- HeatFinder continues to work on updating the essential "Heat Essentials" installer with The Mod Squad to improve it for Windows 10.

- HeatFinder continues to work on significant updates to the HeatFinder.net and our league hosted websites.

We are looking for community members to join the HeatFinder team as Writers, Editors, League Officials, Series Directors and League Moderators, are you interested in any of these roles? Contact DusterLag via [email protected] and let us know how you can contribute.

Thank You,


HeatFinder Co-Founder & Lead Administrator