The Lupains lost their home world, so they set out to find new one. Finally after years of searching, they found one....Earth. Desperate, malnourished, and uncertain of their future, they made contact and eventually found help. Now it's 2041 and Lupains have been living on the Earth for almost 2 years. Universities around the world created competition to teach the Lupains who hold interest for these projects, the human linguistic proficiency and the human culture. As time went on, it became more and more difficult for the humans to supply food for the Lupains, making things even more complicated the Lupains refused to share their technology. The US forces decided to oust the Lupains, but that action has failed. Although the lupains were peaceful, they were able to defeat the US forces, and eventually won the war. The US taskforce did not accept their loss, so retaliation was in order. All Lupains who attended the universities were kidnapped. Following on this, their natural minds were erased, and false memories of new knowledge of fighting was implanted into those who were physically capable of it, the rest were experimented on, and the underperforming and failures were disposed of.