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n the 1700's it was not unusual for an educated person to know Greek, Hebrew, Chaldee (Aramaic) and Latin.

If you want to learn Hebrew, you may be interested in another project I have the Medrash Ets Haim on Youtube, which consists of didactic videos for learning Hebrew and Texts (Spanish and Portuguese Pronunciation). 

There is a vast library of Hebrew and Chaldee rabbinical works that have Latin translations - many works that even today do not have an English translation, (or a good English translation) have excellent scholarly Latin versions.


Reshit Dangath   Hebrew Reading Course  1 - 20 ZIP 

 Reshit Dangath  Hebrew Reading Course 21 -39 ZIP 

 Reshit Dangath  Hebrew Reading Course 40 -50 ZIP 


Genesis Chapter One verse 1 -10 ZIP 



I have a separate Patreon account, called Medrash Ets Haim, where you can access more Hebrew materials.

Mishnah Index 

Medrash Ets Haim Mishnah Index 

MISHNAH Seder Zerangim - Ordo Seminum  (TEXT) 

Mishnah Tractatus De Benedictionibus Cap 1 Mishnah 1   (VIDEO)

ibid. Commentariolum Obadiae Bartenorae (VIDEO)

Talmud: Berachot Caput I (De Benedictionibus) (TEXT)

Talmud: Berachot Caput II (De Benedictionibus)  (TEXT) 

MISHNAH Seder Monged - Ordo Festorum (Bavarian State Library)  

Talmud: Masechet Succah (De Tabernaculis)  (TEXT) 

Talmud: Masechet Tanganeet ( De Jejunio)  (TEXT) 

MISHNAH Seder Nasheem - De Re Uxoria  (TEXT) 

MISHNAH Seder Nezikeen - Ordo Damnorum (Bavarian State Library)

Talmud: Baba Kamma (Codex Primus)  (TEXT) 

Talmud: Abodah Zara Caput I Latine (De Idololatria)  (TEXT) 

MISHNAH Seder Kodasheem - Ordo Sacrorum (TEXT) 

Talmud: Masechet Tameed (De Sacrificio Jugi)  (TEXT) 

Talmud: Masechet Middot (De Mensura Templi)  (TEXT) 

MISHNAH Seder Tohorot - Ordo Puritatum  (TEXT) 

Isaac Abendana's translation of the Mishnah into Latin.

  Isaac Abendana was lecturer of Hebrew at Oxford University. Born about the middle of the seventeenth century; died about 1710. He would have lived to see the inauguration of the new Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue in 1701, in London. 

He was a brother of the celebrated  Ribbi Jacob Abendana, the distinguished Spanish physician and ḥakam of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation of London. 

Having lived at Hamburg and Leyden, where he studied medicine, he settled in England, and there became professor of Hebrew at Oxford University. 

Previously to this he had been at Cambridge, where it appears from the books of the senior bursar of Trinity College that he received from the college £6 (about $30) per annum during the years 1664-66. 

He taught Hebrew and Rabbinics to any one who might engage to pay for his services, but he was not in any sense the incumbent of a chair at the university. The retaining fees paid by Trinity College and the payments from private pupils do not appear to have provided sufficient funds for him, as in 1671 he made a Latin translation of the whole Mishnah, which he sold to the university; and apparently when this work was finished he left Cambridge for Oxford. 

Interestingly, at the same time as his Latin translation was progressing, his brother, the Rabbi of the London congregation was translating the text into Spanish. One may well suppose that the two brothers were close collaborators in this massive endeavour.

 Abendana wrote a comprehensive work entitled "Discourses on the Ecclesiastical and Civil Polity of the Jews" (1706).  Like his brother, he entered into correspondence with several of the Christian savants of his time; and there are extant two letters addressed to Buxtorf the younger, in Hebrew and Latin respectively. 

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