Hey guys. I'm gonna be taking a break from patreon and tumblr for at least a month. Probably longer. Long story short there's a lot going on family wise. My great grandmother just passed away not too long ago so I'm going to be helping out with a lot of that stuff. She lived to be 94 so no worries! She had a great life. But things are going to be hectic for a hot second. I'm also pretty busy coordinating with my graduate school advisor for upcoming projects and classes so that's another thing on my plate.

That being said, If I owe you a reward no worries! I will be sure to finish up all of the ones that are outstanding from June (and that animation I owe a person. It's in progress)! =D I just maaaaay be a bit slow.

That being said you're not gonna see much here for a while, so go ahead and adjust/or cancel your donations accordingly if you feel fit to do so. I'm not really going to be able to take on new sketch requests or work on pages of anything, and I will let you know when I'm back.

Still, for all of you who have supported me, be it for a brief stint or from the beginning, I appreciate and love you all! Thank you so much for everything!

I'll write a note letting you all know when I'm officially back.