Heidi Cullinan's Insane 2017 Release Schedule
Many dates tentative. I'll update this when I know more.

Carry the Ocean - March (possibly early April)

Shelter the Sea  - April (when depends on Carry the Ocean)*

Love Lessons - May

Frozen Heart - May

Fever Pitch - June

Lonely Hearts - June

Rebel Heart - Early July*

Antisocial - Late August*

Special Delivery - August/September

Special Delivery - August/September

Hooch and Cake - August/September

Double Blind - September

Tough Love - September

A Private Gentleman - September?

Clockwork Heart - September?

Let It Snow - September/October

Sleigh Ride - September/October

Winter Wonderland - October/November

Santa Baby Audio - November

New Minnesota Christmas Book - November *

The Twelve Days of Randy - December

Hero - November/December

Miles and the Magic Flute - November/December

The Devil Wil Do - November/December

*Denotes new release