Hell Has a Prison [Act 4 of 5] - Escape from Hell and Back to Earth

Welcome my awesome peeps!

Hela needs to escape from hell and get out to...somewhere? She has to stop the demons from doing what they do best, destroying people! And the devil intends to save the world instead of destroy or dominate it...one whacky world indeed!

We'll find out in today's episode, jam packed full of demonic warfare, guts, cuts, and pain in the butts!

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 Angels wield so much power in this universe, simply hearing their whispers is enough to alters ones mind, change ones perspective...all with a series of whispers....

👨‍🏫 Visit the new Website by the way mates right here! 


🌟🌟   #1: Matthew J Bower the demonic devourer  🌟🌟 

🎉🎉   #2: Maya the queen of chaos  🎉🎉 

💀💀   #3: Divided by Zir0 the Monster Lord 💀💀 

🐮🐮  #4: I Own Cows he who has bovine strength 🐮🐮

💪💪 #5:  Lee Bower the void and enigma of darkness  💪💪 

 A special thank you to my Earl Grey Enforcers you keep the shows blood pumping to mates! 



~ The Tale Teller

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