As some of you may have noticed, we recently reached our goal of making a HeLL(P) themed zine!! 

We have several ideas for zines, but want to hear what you, the readers, are interested in!

When the zine is done, the plan is to print it and have it up for sale. 5$+ pledgers will get a free pdf. copy! 

Character Archive: Character sheets of Team 11 + mugshots of the rest of the teams and other characters from the comic.


Activity Book: A fun childish HeLL(P) themed book with activities like “color this”, follow the line, quiz, find the way from a to b etc.


HeLL(P) Behind the Scenes: A collection of artworks and concept art. Step by step of how we work on the comic etc.


HeLL(P) Artbook: New artworks based around a theme!


Rip’s Diary: A collection of Rip’s observations, drawings and thoughts about the contest and Team 11.


A short comic: A 10-ish pages long comic with characters from the comic.

Poll ended Mar 24, 2017
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