Well, hello everyone!

My name is Gracedharperd, and I started translating Re:Zero affiliated stories created by Tappei Nagatsuki! I started doing this in the spring of 2018. I like doing it and it became a hobby of mine really fast. Sadly, it's a lot of work and the stories themselves are relatively big. I keep translating until it doesn't appeal my anymore, however you can help me with this! You can become my patreon! You'll gain excess to early translations, translation requests and more!

This is my Translation site : https://reguluscorneas.wixsite.com/retranslation

Since the 31st of May, I started writing fanfiction! My first creation, and the one I'm currently working on is Re;Kingdom,  Starting a Life with Amnesia from Zero. It's about a boy who one day wakes up seemingly without memories of his past except for his name. The story intensifies and antagonists appear. He only has one ability and that is "Return by Death".

This is the site of my Fanfiction : https://rekingdom.blogspot.com/

Wordpress : https://rekingdomfanfiction.wordpress.com/

Inkstone : https://www.webnovel.com/book/10869776006195105/29687361927446437

(      The GIF above is Nimura Furuta of Tokyo Ghoul:Re    )

                               ( He's such a cutie ^_^ )

I hope I'll see you somewhere around. May We Meet Again...