So, I'm writing a book as you can tell and you can probably get the gist of what it's about. It's about Northern Ireland and is my attempt to address the lack of coverage looking at everyday life. Northern Ireland is supposedly a "post-conflict" society and we are, we're recovering from the 30 year long Troubles. Yet where are the books, the documentaries and the news articles looking at it? Every so often you'll see our ever-increasing poverty rate on the news, but you'll never hear the actually opinions from those in poverty with a few exceptions on Stephen Nolan.

You'll hear stories from the past, which is unbelievably important. You will hear stories from studio interviews with former paramilitaries. But where are the stories from people now? I've looked, trust me. So I'm writing this book. The first thing I did when I bought the notepad I use on my excursions is write out my intent. It's the profile picture, it's since become stained from rain and damp tables. But it's there.

"What do I intend to do?
To collect many accounts many accounts of life in Belfast. I will ask about their hopes for the future, their fears, their memories of the past. Furthermore, I would like to find out what issues they face in Belfast. What there is to be done [to improve NI]. Developing upon that I shall also be looking at how they live - The state of housing, employment difficulties, health etc. Developing upon people's attitudes I may ask their opinions on things. Such as the state of the NHS, their attitude towards Stormont and the Border.

A segment of this will also look at homelessness and poverty, and the lack of adequate services.

In order to ensure I have a balanced, accurate & inclusive record of Belfast/NI, I will try to include a wide array of backgrounds. I would like to interview loyalists and republicans, unionists and nationalists, straight and LGBT+, Muslims and Jews, Northern Irish natives and migrants. Furthermore I should like to include tourists. Their perception towards Belfast and why they came. Naturally I shall also try to get a mixture of men and women, and old and young.

Developing Upon That
The observations I write are more or less me walking around the masses of housing estates and the various parts of Belfast. Ranging from the City Centre to the Docks and from the West to the East, and the North to the South. It's some exercise, I can tell you that. I write about the conditions I see and eventually I'll talk to residents, the atmosphere of the place and the murals there. Of course I go into the historical context for it as well, so it's a bit of a tour of Belfast in written format.