I didn't get the coloring book up before my parents arrived for their visit from Colorado, and since I am still fussing with the text, here's my plan:

I've made a handwriting font to use to finish this up, instead of lettering the rest by hand. This will help me get it done faster. I can go back and do the hand-lettering I intended later on if I feel the need, and there's no sense in keeping folks waiting.

All the art is done, so I'm including that with this post (with some spoiler pages, the puzzles and monster cards, and the text left out) for you since it's well time for you to get to see the coloring book. I will do my very best to get the final version in your hands now that my folks have left for home.

The vote for this month's project indicates that I'll be making a new  portfolio piece, challenge my skills and sending a postcard of it to all you fine folks. I've decided I'm going to make a painting of teddy bear/hermit crabs going about their business in a tide pool. I have two paintings that I did while visiting the beach with my parents, which inspired this idea. I'm attaching those, and my mom's watercolor painting too! Next I'm going to finalize my design on the grumble crabs, which is what this bizarre hybrid is called now.

I had a really wonderful visit with my folks. We went to that beach and on a nice hike, saw the sights in Bellingham, and watched the Martian together, which was a really cool movie. I hope that I get to go see them in Colorado later this year.

We also filmed the bulk of this month's puppet update. It primarily concerns crocheting with a banana. You have been warned! I'll be doing some more filming next week, and aiming for the update posted next weekend.

I showed Mom the coloring book, and she can vouch for me that it's pretty snazzy. My apologies again that the wrap-up for this is a project in and of itself and taking so long.

If I don't get the coloring book completed soon, and don't make my planned progress on this painting and other Patreon tasks, I'm going to set this Patreon to fund per project completion instead of monthly on the 25th of this month, which means that payment won't be collected until the 1st of the month after I've marked down that the project was finished - so if I'm not done by the 1st of May, we'll roll over without a charge until June 1st. I think this gives me time to get myself on schedule with minimal stress while still assuring that I won't take on next month's batch until this batch is done, either way.  So let's do this!

Our art stream party will be on Tuesday, April 19th. I've decided that this month, I'm going to draw an assortment of adventurer icons and make those available for folks to use for their rp characters. Random folks will have another chance to win the original art.

I think that's about it for this update - see you again in a couple days! :D