Sorry it has been so very long...but I have a surprise for you. I recorded the Bach a six hour session last week at Simon Ratcliff's Sound and Motion Studios...its a converted church in the suburbs of Cape Town. Mats Hjelm came too and filmed the entire thing...just as he filmed the concert with John Williams at King's Place and also the Trip to Bamako to see Toumani and play at his festival. Right now he has run out of funding so we have to find a way to move the documentary project forward...Ill keep you posted. And I had Croc-e there as a sound advisor and mojo checker (no mojo no take). The recording was really intense to do. Bach is just hard no matter which way you look at it. The first session before dinner was the first Sonata in g minor, then after dinner I did the first partita in b minor. What was REALLY interesting was how the resonance changed from the first session to the second - the second was using one of my new tunings that I tried to explain to you in an earlier mail. the sound was much darker - it was very exciting to hear how the resonance changed and how, therefore, playing in different keys and tunings had a real musical result - which is often not the case on the normally tuned guitar. Anyway it was clear that the after dinner session was just a totally different thing, so I recorded the first session again and we ended as planned at 1 AM...making the session about 6 hours in all (not counting a three hour sound check and setup). As before I used only one stereo mic. So on Wednesday Simon and I will mix and maybe I will have some rough versions to share with you very soon - because as Patreons you get the first copies. Love and thanks Derek