Hello and Welcome!
Thank you for taking the time to view my page! I really do appreciate that you've taken an interest in my work.

In this post, I wanted to address what your pledges will go towards paying, and to make an easily accessible place to look at my commission info as well!

Your pledge money goes toward:

 ★  my school bill and student loans

 ★  my computer bill, as well as other computer/tablet upgrades

 ★  pet supplies for my ferret and fish tanks

 ★  my medicine costs, and hopefully soon testonsterone costs!

 ★  my legal costs for a name change, and gender marker change

 and finally, it also goes towards my savings! 

Again, I can't explain how much I appreciate your pledges and interest in supporting me, so thank you!

If you're interested in supporting me even further, here's my commission sheet!

If you're interested in anything on there, please feel free to message me on here or on tumblr at deargengar!