Hello and happy July!
First off, I want to thank my patrons for being some of the first supporters. I really do appreciate it. This weekend I'll be taking advantage of the 3 day weekend I have, and will be spending time printing the RAW Breakdown Project Annual Report posters, mailing out those posters and Reports out, and finalizing a few tentative upcoming designs for my shops. For all Patrons--I'll be sharing those designs soon! I look forward to everyone's feedback, and hopefully getting some new designs online soon! For the $5 patrons: your first reward will be sent within out within the next 2 weeks! As for upcoming projects: I really would like to update rawbreakdownproject.com, and hitting that first goal would be lovely this month. July 19th is coming quick, and I'd love to also start doing Smackdown Breakdowns consistently. Not a patron yet, and want to get in on it? Have some suggestions or ideas for me? July would be the perfect month to become a patron! What are you waiting for? :)