Hello and Welcome X3
HOI....soooo, its been a while hasn’t it?? yea, it has, I know :p

hello again, and welcome everyone ^^

this, THIS is the final revamp of this account on patreon, this is the ONE thing this account will be used for going forward, and look forward to posts being made every so oftem about the Thanks Fur Nothing Podcast....we have high hopes for this project of ours, and we love what were doing on these things, and we THOROUGLY enjoy making each and every one of these podcast episodes <3 oooh you guys have no idea how much fun we have doing these things hehe...so yea, stay tuned for more updates, and future podcasts, because we have been going strong for over a year now (sadly we have very little to show for it though per data corruption, null-audio files, and other random technobabble level of issues galore) and we have THE UTMOST plans to KEEP GOING FOR MANY MORE years to come, because this is something we do for fun, because we enjoy doing it....what more reason do ya need right?? haha...so yea, look forward to some more updates down the road and more podcasts from us...as always,

Thanks....Fur Nothing


~High Voltage~