Hello Everybody
Hello everybody its Mr  Methane here, the Worlds Only Performing Flatulist.  

For you years I've been performing the  Ancient French Music Hall artform known in the trade as Petomania but more frequently referred to in English speaking countries as Controlled Anal Voicing or CAV for short.  

I'm getting increasingly more requests nowadays for me to point a camera at my rear end and upload the results to youtube. This is a great idea, a man has after all to adapt in order  make a living in what is a Niche market so why not help me stay off the road and in the studio  creating the greatest repsitory  of Fart videos ever witnessed by mankind.   

So go on help me create  a legacy for mankind that your Grandchildren would be proud of.  Imagine their faces when your solicitor reads out the will and  they find out you spent all your money sponsoring Mr Methane  fart videos  !   

Lifes A Gas !