Hello Everyone
I wanted to first apologize for the boring month of January. I just  completed Hyde earlier this month, and a lot of my time was spent doing the businessy part of that, opening up the sticker part of my store, [Which turned out to be a fail. I have a million stickers now, and no one wants them. XD ] and catching up with a few commissions.  I still have quite a few pillow-commission requests to work on [ Bucky and Cap body pillows, hmmmmm ] but i've been trying to give my hand and wrist a break these past few weeks.

The pain has gotten pretty bad, and I can't really bend my fingers right now, so I've been trying to just... not doing anything and let them rest. But, I get bored, and I start doodling junk again, even if everything I draw comes out like crap. 

So, here we are in February, and I don't really have anything for you guys yet. I can't do livestreams for another week or so,  so that's out, and i'm not really sure what you would like to see, since I didn't get much feedback from the background and iphone background I posted for last month. 

I figure... i'll just draw some stuff only for you folks [ No Tumblr. I'll tease them on Tumblr. I'm a jerk. ] when and if I can.  

But, what I do want to know is if you want to see any more tutorials? Things like clothing. color pallets, backgrounds, pose pages, anatomy, coloring, line work, shading, effects, etc. 

I will be offering more interactive tutorials once I can stream again, so there's that, but if you want any hard-copy [so to speak] tutorials, please let me know. 

Annnndd once again, thank you so much for supporting me and for sticking around through all the boring bits.