Hello Everyone! I'm AG and I create Cosplays, Fan Art, YouTube Videos and Animations
Hello and welcome! I'm a multimedia artist, my specialities are with animation and 3d modeling. I graduated from college and decided it was time to start making everything that I've wanted to do for so long to come to life.  I've wanted to cosplay, show off more of my drawings and make videos in some way and so I started a Facebook page, a YouTube channel and now a Patreon for everything I create. 

In school I focused on animation and some of my jobs so far have been modeling, rigging and animation for a commercial, animated shorts and a fan made game. From time to time, as I finish my own projects, I will post these types of works here, but there will also be posts of my illustrations, which tends to be fan art work, photos and videos of cosplay, blogs and pretty much anything creative that I decide to make.

I've been wanting to cosplay for what seems like my entire life, as early as at the age of 8 (or 12 maybe) when my aunt to took me to my first convention and I saw many cosplayers. I didn't get to start cosplaying though until three years ago and I hope to start a porfolio of professional cosplay photos. With every cosplay I learn a lot and have been comissioned a few times already to make either the costume or props for other's cosplays. Its a true joy to be so deep into a fandom and to create it and wear it.

For about 6 or 8 years now I've wanted to do something with videos. In middle school and high school I would make amvs using what I had which was usually just some music and photos. I've always had a huge nack for writing and many times found myself trying to write journals but didn't like it and again many times trying to start online blogs it just didn't feel like me. I wish I could...blog, but with a camera. And holy crap, that's actually a thing! But I've never owned a camera until a year ago. So I'm on YouTube trying many things that I've wanted to try for so long. Content for my channel include blogs, cosplay, skits, sketches, and challenges mostly.

So yeah! My art tends to be a little all over the place because I've wanted to try and do these things for so long, never had a chance and now I do. So if you like fan work, cosplays, blogs, sketches and animations, please check out some of my work and I look forward to you being a part of my crazy creative fam! xD