Hello guys!
I feel like I haven't used my Patreon pages in forever, so I'd like to start off by saying thanks for supporting us!! And also I'd like to ask you guys what you'd like us to pick up.  This can be any Korean or Chinese series so please do not hesitate if there is something you'd like me to pick up :D!  I'm asking this because I am at a slump as to what I should pick up or continue.

Just a heads up about Dokgo and Tong, since a lot of people always ask this but... The reason why these series stopped is because I don't have any translator for it :(.  That's basically it, I really enjoy both these series, but, it's honestly hard to find a translator who would like to translate it because of it's unique art style...  So if someone would like to actually join us as a Korean translator for any of these series, that'd be great :D!