Hello, I Must Be Going
Greetings Patreon supporters!

I'm so happy to be home after five races in five weeks. But as Fate would have it, I've done my laundry and I'm all packed up and ready to head back to SFO first thing tomorrow morning. This time it's SF to Tokyo to Bangkok. Thailand will be my base until Valencia. 

What have I been up to? Taking pictures of motorbikes, as usual:




The next video is in the works, though I haven't had much time to finish it with the return from Misano and the preparation to leave for Thailand. I will get it done as soon as I can though, and I hope you'll all find it interesting.

For the On The Road Audio Diary fans, please look for a post in a few minutes with the private link to the latest edition, which presents a peek behind the scenes of working in pit lane with the new tension between the teams, Dorna, and the photographers. It's pretty stressful, and the latest OTR tells all about it, as well as how I flew on an Airbus 380 from Oakland to San Francisco. How many people have done that?

I won't be at Aragon this weekend, but like many of you I'll be watching via the motogp.com website. Perhaps if our Internet connection in Thailand is up to it we'll finally do a Google hangout during one of the sessions. Please let me know if you'd be willing to help me test a Hangout to see how our local connection handles the load. [email protected]

Thanks so much, as ever!


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