Yes, She is back but only in Design Space she will not be in a physical cartridge but her digital version is in the store and on sale for $14.99 But LESS if you have Access and use my code MELODYLANE Buy it right here http://bit.ly/2fNtTCW  If you spent $50 on Black Friday you might have recieved a $10 digital Credit, I did and used my credit to buy it and with my Circle and Access discounts I got it for $3.99

I do get a small commision when you buy through my links. 

Here are a few files I made with the images, one is a card the other you could put on a card, you may want to flatten the gift boxes to print, lots of little pieces with the gifts. 

The card http://bit.ly/2fIG1lu 

Santa's Workshop Scene http://bit.ly/2fzddQQ 

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