Hello, Ohio
Hello friends! I'm in Columbus, Ohio now, which is the cutest little city.

Due to a bit of miscommunication, I thought I was filling the installation room in this gallery, but instead I actually have the entire gallery. So. I decided to just take on the challenge of building another installation in three days, in addition to the one I am already building, because I like challenges.

The last time I was in New York, I walked a labyrinth in Battery Park with a friend, and they explained the whole concept of labyrinths - which are not mazes, but rather a unicursal pattern often used for private meditation. Since the Oraclebird show is about adaptation of ritual, I'm building a labyrinth, of sorts, on a large wall of the gallery. The path is mostly unambiguous, although there are small alcoves that contain fortune cards that reflect the ones in the primary Oraclebird installation, as well as vintage fortune cards. It will be built with stained wood, and some parts of it will also function as small altars. Instead of walking, because we are constrained by gravity, it is meant to be followed with...eyes.

Anyway, I have created a lot of work for myself in the next three days. I will try to update, but if not - I'll see you on the other side.