"Finally, here comes the first post!!"
(I want to shout out after took some time looking around, figure out how to run things here... lol)

I never state this out loud, except small remark in "About" section on my tumblr that saying "I don't do commission".

For me, Taking commissions = Communicating, Payment, Responsibility 

I'm not even native English user, just thinking about discussing in English can stress me out, and once there is payment involve, I become too anxious. Really, I draw fan art for relax, I don't want more stress. 

It's not like I never draw for others. I take up requests sometimes, but there were requests I rejected, too. If I was ask to draw something I don't know, lacking of understanding lower my motivation to draw, it won't lead to good outcome, and I don't want that.  

And when it comes to something I feel okay to draw, My thought is like "I already satisfied just drawing them, why I have to ask others to pay for it?". 

This is thanks to wnmh, who asked me on twitter to do commission, ponytail Diana in this post. We had some good talk, and I agree to draw, but in the end, I still feel uneasy to ask for payment, instead of that, I decided about starting Patreon account, and here we are now.  

I hope this going to be a good way for people who appreciate my works and want to support me, and I can give little something back in return :3