Hello Patreon world
I love creating big art, I mean really big art. Currently I am working on a 50' fire-breathing copper dragon named EZoe, which means 'the Life' in Greek. 

Dragons have a lot of meaning to me, I think of them as ambassadors to the spirit realm or as huge powerful beings that can create or destroy at a whim. I believe EZoe will be one of the most beautiful dragon sculptures in the world. People will be able to climb up on her and experience her power first hand.  

However EZoe is more than a pretty face, she is the height of feminine power looking after her young. She'll be protectively holding a golden egg lined with crystals with a baby dragon poking his head out. I think of the golden egg as the earth, and the dragon as the one who defends this egg. Who knows, maybe we are waking her up right now...

Here's the rendering I am working on at the moment.

and her's her little baby