*Hello, Hilary*

What day it has already been for so many of us. I'm frantically writing this now after finishing up last minute edits on my New Yorker submission packet that I will waltz into their office tomorrow morning. After which I will quickly scamper away because it's all dudes in there and I'm convinced they think I shouldn't be there or if I'm there I should be apologizing for being there or at least where I brown paper bag on my face while they tell me I'm no good so they don't have to feel bad about telling a lady she's no good. 

But who cares about rejection! Today is my first day on Patreon! You can't reject me! (You totally can). Let me begin by explaining why I chose to join this beautiful site. First of all, my friend Beth said, "You should join this beautiful site!" And she was right. It took me a minute to really understand it, but now that I've snooped around I realize how awesome it is and how much potential lies in it's structure. 

As most of you know, freelancing (though having some upsides!) can really suck. You don't know when your next job is, how much it might pay, if they'll pay on time, or maybe even what their face looks like. Two days ago I applied at a bagel shop because I'm missing money from a client (months past due at this point), and truly don't know how I'm gonna make it to the next month. Luckily, this particular bagel shop was filled with jolly Italian cops so I'm not displeased with the prospects and am hoping they let me become "counter person" to their bagel home. While it  sounds like I could just offer them different points of view, that's just the title they chose to list in sharpee on a piece of paper in the window. "Counter Person With Experience," hey, that's me!

So yes, Patreon could/would/should be great, if it works! I am constantly creating cartoons for you and the internet. It's my main concern every day. What to draw, who to draw, and how fast can I draw it. But so much goes into making this possible! And when I say "so much" I mean time and money. That's what all stuff is made of right? 

So you all spend time looking at my cartoons (hopefully laughing), but what if you spent money, like, $1 a month, to help me continue to make you laugh? It sounds like the beginning of a pyramid scheme but it ISN'T! I don't want you to draw cartoons for anyone, that's my job. Unless you want to and in that case, go for it. 

But really, if you all spent about 3 cents a day on my cartoons, I might be able to afford art supplies, learn more about graphic design, maybe even have enough money for a grilled cheese from the cafe down the street. I'm not suggesting Patreon support my whole existence, but it could help me keep going in between gigs, for the days when I'm terrified I might have to give up on the thing I want to do. 

And in return, you get more stuff from me! That's why you like me in the first place, I think. You like the stuff I have to share. Whether it's cartoons or videos or just thoughts, I'm going to share even more them with you here, if you're willing to share with me.

And to prove that I've shared already here an absolutely horrifying photo of my desk. I am so embarrassed. What a fucking disaster. When I said "last minute edits for the New Yorker" I really mean I had a full on meltdown about all my work and this is the result. 

I'll keep sharing more stuff (better) like this with you. I'll share unseen work, how to videos, early bird discounts on art, sneak peaks of upcoming pieces, special cartoon giveaways.And maybe the best of all. I'll share a glass of wine with you.

To celebrate my launch on Patreon, I'll be hosting the first Cartoon Wine Social tomorrow night online at 9 PM EST. If you wish to join me, please comment below and I will instruct you!

Thank you for reading my late night ramble!

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