Hello Patreon
Who is Bob Witty? I don’t know what to label myself though a close guess would be the fusion of a scientist and an artist. My business card includes the initials MBA, PMP, CISSP and ITIL Expert and I earned an undergraduate engineering degree. Yet my true passions include the taking the photographs you are enjoying, which at times I may take unorthodox method to capture, the noble pursuit of “going the distance” in multiple athletic events and the occasion use of the culinary degree I earned during 2001. I am not a pirate looking at forty; the fact is I’ve past forty. I am not Joe anything, and that's fine by me.

With the start of my journey beyond 50 the importance of observing, capturing and preserving the beauty of our world surpassed my focus on the bits and bytes of the information technology leadership career that consumed much of my prior existence. I walk slower and enjoy the journey. I shut my phone off when I am eating dinner. I take fresh air breaks at the office. And I have found new patience and love in photography and rarely am without my Leica... while I will admit enjoying the snapshots and selfies that dominate.

I do hope you enjoy my work and my wish for you is that there is never a day without at least eighteen smiles.