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My name is Alex Litt.
I was born in 1995, on 4th of January in Chisinau, Moldova. 

I graduated art school when I was 12, and I obtained my first photo camera when I was 9, so I can say that I had a creative and very colorful childhood. When I was 18 I started to organize photo shootings and now I can affirm for sure that my portfolio is a good one: portraits, fantasy photoshoots, advertising, fashion etc. I started to shoot by myself when I was 19 years old.

Yes, I am a self-taught photographer and retoucher – I’ve obtained my whole experience working hard on it, trying something new, something better and tending always to perfectness.
I also have multiple diplomas of worldwide photo competitions in fine art, nudes. Now I’m trying myself in creating video blog about nude photoshoots – creating a guide with rules of relationship between photographer and model, rules of shooting, prohibitions, I share my experience and give useful advice to both models and photographers, showing also what’s happening behind the scenes of art-nude photoshoots. Everything is based on my own experience.

I’ve chosen this genre for shooting as I really enjoy the pure beauty of human body since the time when I was studying at the art school. I try to mix and combine the pure beauty of nature, human and animal world. I want to show that there is nothing vulgar and disgusting in naked human – women and men.

In my photos people are in unusual poses – I ask them to merge with the objects to create a continuous image, so that’s human body looks like continuation of stones, trees, lines of the forms of location in my photos. Shooting in studios and unusual architecture is not an exception – people merge with surrounding, too.

In many cases the models ask not to publish their names. Despite the fact that they are shy and want to stay anonymous, they trust me to shoot them naked. It happens because I have strict rules for photoshoot processing – no “watchers” during shooting: only model, photographer and sometimes my trusted assistant. We shoot quickly. I prepare the idea for photo session in advance: starting with visiting the location before photoshoot and ending with a drawn sketch. So we know for sure what we need and the process of taking a picture takes less that 1-2 minutes.

I’m fond to discover new places, so I really love traveling. Every tour for me is a possibility to find some beautiful places, where I could create any interesting ideas for art-nude photoshoot. I’m always taking photos of location in advance because it would be helpful in preparing sketches and brief for shooting.

My dream is to travel worldwide and create an interesting project with people all around the world. And I’m sure that one of the most beautiful creations of the nature is the human body with all its lines, shapes, curves and “imperfections” – all of them are making the body unique and attractive. And trust me, I won’t ignore any chance to show anyone the beauty of his or her body.