Thank you for checking out my Patreon page, and double-thank you if you decided to be a Patron.

If you want to read more about why I set up this Patreon page, here's what I wrote in a blog post on

I at long last decided to start-up my own Patreon page for Clattertron. I wanted to do so for a long time now, but I finally jumped in head first over the weekend.

Now, fans and readers can directly support my comic strips via Patreon (along with the traditional methods like buying merch and books).

What is Patreon, anyway?

Patreon is a way for fans to support creators, directly


There are different ways to set up a Patreon, but mine follows the

monthly model: you pledge a certain amount of money each month, and in

return I give you something.

Think of it like a Kickstarter you back each month, or paying for a subscription, or pledging money to public radio/TV.

A fan sets up a Patreon account and backs Clattertron for a certain

amount. Patreon takes a percentage, and I get the rest. You know your

money is going to me, which helps me cover my costs of making comics.

Many other comic makers, and artists, I follow online use Patreon, so I decided to give it a try.

Why did I start a Patreon page?

A few reasons.

First, I like the idea of readers being able to support my comics without

necessarily having to buy “stuff.” Nothing against buying stuff, but I

know from my experience, there are times I want to support artists, but

don’t always want another t-shirt, and I can’t always make it to their


Second, Etsy didn’t work out for me (one sale in over a year). I might try another

route for selling original art online, but I think my Etsy experiment is

over. I needed another way to try to support my comic making. (Don’t

worry, my

Society6 shop isn’t going anywhere.)

Third, I cannot rely on website ads. Between ad blockers and readers getting

content via other channels (Facebook, email, me yelling on corners),

website ads just aren’t what they were in the past. Affiliate links

still do better for me than banner ads, but even those only work so well

(and again, need a reader to buy something).

Lastly, Patreon makes it easy for fans to support my comics regardless of where

they read them: I’ll have links to my Patreon page when I share my

comics on social media. If someone only reads my comics on




(where I don’t have ads or affiliate links), Patreon allows them to chip in.

(I also go over the rewards in the blog post on, but didn't feel like I needed to paste that part here, since you can read them in the rewards sidebar)