Hello world of Patreons
A bit about me is required I guess.
I write stuff.
Short stories, long stories, novellas, novel (WIP), poetry.
I write about life, love, vampires, werewolves, family and friends...not all in the same stories I may add. I have no specific genre it just depends on my mood. I have even murdered cute barmen* in the name of humour.
Some are based on my own experiences...but I am not saying which.
I shall post the occasional story publicly and hope you will support me in my endeavours to become a full time writer without the starving penniless bit. Patreons will see more of my writing on Patreon only pages along with offers should I ever be in a position of being published on real paper.

*No barmen were harmed in the writing of afore said story he is still alive and flirting in a bar somewhere in North Devon*