Hello... Introduction To My Patreon Page

This is my patreon page that I have created for my FanFictions and other Stories. Basically, there are monthly subscriptions here that range from 1 to 5 dollars. 5 dollars is the max, and with the monthly subscription, you can get to see my chapters sooner as I will post it here first and then post it later on fanfiction.net, wattpad, and Quotev. While writing the chapter, I will also post previews of it, so that all of you can take a look at it and review it (let me know all the spellings mistakes, grammar, or plot holes in the chapter that need to be corrected)

Your support would really help me out tho! But remember, getting the monthly subscription is optional. You don't HAVE TO buy it. Because it's your choice to. Do it only if you want to.