So I'm getting into this whole Patreon thing. Evidently, there's a lot of you viewers out there that care enough about the content creators you enjoy watching, that you are willing to part with some of your hard earned money to make their lives a little easier. 

I decided to go ahead and make a patreon for those who want to contribute to my channel. Needless to say, chemistry isn't exactly a thrifty pursuit. I am totally comfortable with spending my own money making these videos for you, and I want to be perfectly clear on the following point: 

I do not expect you to donate, and I don't want to make you feel obligated to do so. I make these videos because I enjoy sharing my interests with all of you, I hope to entertain, and impart some experience and knowledge to those who have yet to learn the topics at hand. 

That being said, if you choose to donate to the channel, I would greatly appreciate any help. I am currently working out a reward system for those who donate, so that they get something out of this as well. I'm thinking that I won't have typical "pledge levels". If you donate even ``$0.01 per month or whatever the minimum on patreon is, I will give you something of real value for your donation.

I feel like you shouldn't have to extend yourself any further than your choosing to get that little token of my appreciation, because the truth is, I would feel honored that you chose to donate anything at all. 

That also being said, I am currently trying to work out a way of rewarding donations proportionally, so that those who choose to donate more, will get more for their money. 

Current ideas for rewards are as follows: 

1. Any level of donation will be rewarded with access to the digital portion of the reward system. I'm currently thinking that I'd make unedited "behind the scenes" footage available for every video, and allow access to videos early if I ever get on a real schedule. I could also add your name to a list that would be shown at the end of my videos, like many before me have done, as a way to honor your contribution. Also I will provide any patron with a direct communication method with me. I try to be engaged in the comments, but YouTube isn't the best communication method for an actual conversation. 

2. Tangible items as rewards for donations past the base threshold, with increasing value proportional to the donation amount. I'm currently thinking vinyl stickers, maybe t-shirts, that kind of thing. Also I haven't pinned down what value I want to set as the base threshold, so I want to pose this as a question to you. Using the sticker example, because I have the means to start producing them now, what do you feel is a fair value for the sticker reward? 

I'm also thinking of keeping a running open checkbook of sorts, to show you all what I am spending your donations on, so you have a real world connection to how you are actually helping me. I think that would be a nice way to show you that what you donate makes a difference. 

I want to know what you think of these plans and ideas, feel free to offer any suggestions you have.