Hi, I just wanted to make a quick and dirty post to kick off the start of my money-grubbing page. <3 

I'm Myra, I've been drawing since I was little but I've always been reluctant to allow myself to spend money on my art. I've always felt, in a sense, too mediocre to be buying nice supplies. Recently I bought myself a set of 72 Copic markers-- by far the biggest art-related purchase I've ever made-- and my work has improved markedly since then, I feel. I've set up this Patreon page to test the waters and see if I can gain more confidence in my work. If I find that people like my work well enough to contribute, I will probably feel okay with spending some more money on supplies, which will have me producing more pieces for your eye holes. You dig? I don't do anything spectacular (yet) but that's kind of the point-- I want to give myself more room to grow. This drawing of Pearl is my most recent piece (as of 4/16/16, the day I set this up). If you like my work it would mean a lot to me for you to throw even a dollar per piece in my direction. Every penny gives me the opportunity to improve. 

Thanks for checking me out!