Hellooooo!! And February Shows in NYC
Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you to everyone who attended the Workshop Presentation of Akin Salawu's and my ghost-rock musical 'The Real Whisper' in December at Ars Nova. We are thrilled that the musical has been picked up by Polyphone Festival 2017, and will have a few performances in Philadelphia. Stay tuned for more news about that soon! 

Meanwhile, I am thrilled to be part of two shows in NYC this month, after a very long hiatus from performing. I hope you can come along:

1) The first show is Song of Resistance TOMORROW NIGHT - Friday, Feb 10 - at Greenwood Church (Park Slope). This event has been organized by our friends, Rebecca Pronsky and Rich Bennett of Acme Hall Studios. I wrote a protest song and will be performing it with Pete Galub (guitar) and Deidre Rodman (piano), alongside a huge lineup of singer-songwriter and performers. Please come along and gather! I am so grateful for this beautiful musical community in NYC, especially during these times. More info here.

2) Next SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19 at City Winery - It's a brunch gig! From 11-2pm. All ages (including babies) are welcome. I am so thrilled that JIM KNABLE & THE JEWBADOURIANS invited us to play. I'll be performing some songs by The Universal Thump as well as older and newer and klezmer (Australian resistance klezmer!) material for this show with Adam Gold (drums), Josh Camp (keys) and Reuben Radding (bass). Jim's and our bands will then merge to play some songs together. Tickets available here

RECORDINGS! We plan to release more songs once we reach a total of 50 Patrons. (We are currently at 27! They happen to be the most attractive 27 people in the world ;) So please feel free to share with anyone who you think might enjoy our music.

Thank you so much for your support! 

love from snowy Brooklyn,

Greta &

The Universal Thump