Help, Instructions, Getting Started

This help document teaches you how to use a variety of vamX features. It's designed to help both complete beginners and experienced users. If you are experienced skip to Using vamX - Tips & Tricks. 

For vamX 1.10 and higher there is an in-game, interactive walk through of vamX. Open Help -> vamX MAIN TUTORIAL (Help is shown on the vamX UI when first opening vamX).

If you use vamX in VR:
For vamX 1.13 and higher everyone should go through the VR tutorial (number 3 / 4). Open Help -> Control & Feel vamX in VR.

If you want to sync The Handy or other stroking toys / machines to vamX, check the VAM Sync section at the end of this help file.

We've had a few users who have unzipped the vamX.1.x file into their AddonPackages folder. This will stop vamX from working. Simply copy the vamX.1.x.var file into your AddonPackages folder.

For dramatically faster load times, run Virt-a-Mate from an SSD or USB 3.1 high speed flash drive (we use the Samsung Fit Plus 256 GB). You can move the Virt-a-Mate folder any time. Tech savvy users can encrypt Virt-a-Mate using the free VeraCrypt without much or any performance issues.

List of Video Tutorials:
Installing Virt-a-Mate  
Installing vamX  
Main vamX Tutorial video
Adding vamX to Other Scenes Mega or X VIDEOS (set the quality in x videos to 1080p).

Installing vamX

1) If you don't have Virt-a-Mate 1.20 installed (or don't know what that is), see the Installing Virt-a-Mate section.

2) If you haven't downloaded vamX, download the latest version of vamX (from the latest vamX Patreon post tagged Download) and put it in your VAM/AddonPackages folder

3) If you have previous versions of vamX you should remove them from your AddonPackages folder. If you end up with multiple versions of vamX in your AddonPackages folder it may be hard to tell which one you are opening when using the Scene Browser.

4) Optionally download the AddOn Packages for vamX, unzip them and put the files in your VAM/AddonPackages folder. This adds a TON of content made by other authors that works with vamX.

Video - Installing vamX (1-minute, NSFW):

Installing Virt-a-Mate

If you haven't installed Virt-a-Mate you must install Virt-a-Mate to use vamX. Virt-a-Mate / vamX require a Windows computer with a strong graphics card.

If you are a VRPorn Premium member you can download Virt-a-Mate for free from:

Otherwise get Virt-a-Mate on Patreon from MeshedVR for $2-$8 from:
After becoming a MeshedVR patron, you can get your key from[tag]=Keys
A post will be unlocked based on which version you purchased. If you paid $8, download the 1.20 Creator Key. If you paid $4, download the 1.20 Entertainer Key. If you paid $2, download the 1.20 Teaser key.

After opening Virt-a-Mate for the first time you must enter a Virt-a-Mate key. Get the key from MeshedVR's Patreon page, or if you downloaded from you'll find the key in a text file that came with the Virt-a-Mate downloader (updater). To enter the key open Virt-a-Mate, then click the Key icon near the bottom of the screen.  Paste your key there, your Virt-a-Mate key will look something like: X12345.

Video - Installing Virt-a-Mate (1-minute, NSFW): 

If you are new to Virt-a-Mate please learn how to press buttons and drag the world to move. In Virt-a-Mate VR controller buttons work differently then in most games. To "click" in-game buttons use "A" (Oculus) or the bottom of the Trackpad (Vive). To move / drag the world press the thumbstick in (keep it centered) and move your physical controller (Oculus) or press the bottom of the Trackpad and move your physical controller (Vive).

After installing Virt-a-Mate return to the Installing vamX section above.

Opening vamX & First Time Use

If you have an Oculus headset change your current audio output device to Rift audio before starting Virt-a-Mate (from the bottom right speaker icon in Windows). This allows you to hear web (online) audio in Virt-a-Mate.

Start Virt-a-Mate 1.20, click the Scene Browser, then find the vamX scene. You can type "vamX" in the upper right search box if you have many scenes.

If you are prompted if you want to allow loading plugins from vamX.1.5, click Always Allow.

If the vamX UI shows that you need to enable plugins, please enable plugins to use vamX. You should also Enable Web Browser and Web Image / Audio if you want those content to be available. I also recommend you uncheck "Use Monitor View and Focus Offset When UI is Open" (in User Preferences -> Misc). Leaving this checked will move the vamX UI back and forth each time you open the menu (in Desktop Mode).

After opening the vamX scene you'll see the vamX UI, which initially shows icons of various scenes (environments) you can switch to.

If the vamX UI is not where you want, open the Virt-a-Mate main menu and press the "vamX UI" button. If you ever can't see the vamX UI, or it gets stuck in an object, move a little, then press this button to snap the vamX UI into place. 

You can also press VR controller trigger buttons to toggle on/off the vamX UI. If you have two VR controllers active try both controllers to see which trigger button toggles the vamX UI.

In the Virt-a-Mate main menu (where it shows Play Mode and Edit Mode) click "Click for more options" and make sure "Navigate Lock Height" is unchecked.

Click each of the vamX top tabs (Scene, Light, Pose, Action, etc.) to explore your options.

Most of the items are very easy to use, and self-explanatory. Some items, or entire pages, are marked AddOn. These require the Addon Packages for vamX.

In VR, when you change scenes or poses you will see a number of green dots. If you want to possess the male (see through his eyes) select the dot that is the male's head. If you don't want to possess the male, press your VR controller's trigger button to cancel possession.

To load any custom look (such as a look from another var package) open the vamX UI -> Female -> Load Custom Look. You can also load looks using any standard Virt-a-Mate methods, for example clicking Edit Mode, then selecting the female Person -> Control & Physics 1 tab -> Load Look... or from the female Person Appearance Presets tab. If you can't find the look you want to load, and you have the Creator version of Virt-a-Mate, open the Scene with the look you want, then save the look. Many "looks" from the Virt-a-Mate Hub aren't really saved as looks, but are instead only saved as scenes. Therefore you must open the scene with the look, click Edit Mode -> Press Cycle Select Person to select the female Person -> press Save Look... (or save from the Appearance Presets tab). You can then load the look in vamX as described above.

You can watch the vamX Tutorial video to help you get started with vamX. This tutorial covers important features like animated dancing, choosing sex poses, starting sex actions, vamX UI positioning and more.

You can also open the vamX 1.9 and higher in-game help by going to the vamX UI -> Scene -> Help.

Using vamX - Tips & Tricks

If clicking on the vamX menu buttons doesn't work reliably open the main Virt-a-Mate menu and make sure you are in play mode.

Check the Other menu. It contains sections to create new looks and scenes, play interactive stories, add sex toys, BDSM items, and more.

To improve frame rate in the default room turn off the mirror by going to User Preferences -> Performance -> and uncheck Mirrored Surfaces Enable.

To stop the vamX menu from showing and hiding each time you press the VR controller trigger, or pinch grab (if using hand detection), press the "Hide" button in the bottom-left corner of the vamX UI.  When Hide is pressed the vamX UI will stay hidden until you press Show (or press the vamX UI button in the Virt-a-Mate Main UI).

To adjust the penis placement, fix the penis falling out, or convert a vaginal sex pose into an anal sex pose use the Penis Length and Penis Position sliders. These sliders only appear while you are in the Action tab. You can use these to shrink / expand and position the penis (and general location of the male) for best alignment during sex.

To use a dildo / penis instead of a male: If a male is shown, press the Male tab, then press Hide Male. Press the Other tab -> Sex Toys -> then press any icon with a penis or dildo image. It may feel more immersive (and uses less computer power) to have a dildo instead of a full male character.

To animate a dildo: Once you have a dildo shown you can move it by pressing Action, then choosing a male action such as Male Thrust. Male Deep doesn't work well with dildos.

To manually control a dildo: After adding a dildo, go to the first page of Other -> Sex Toys and press GRAB current DILDOS. You can then grab and move the dildo. For an even better experience in VR, click Plugins, and add the Possess Sex plugin. You can then, in VR, see a Link Dildo button. Place one controller on your hip, and move your hips near the dildo. With the other controller press Link Dildo. You can then move your hips to move the dildo.

Working with sex toys. Remove, detach, reattach, or fix the alignment of sex toys: In Other press Sex Toys. If your toy is not in the correct place, or you want to reattach it, find and press that toy again (especially after changing poses with the built-in dildos). If you want to remove the toy you have to find its page, then press Remove These Items. If you want the female to grind against a vibrator, or onto a butt plug, first set the female in motion by going to Action -> Female Thrust (or another movement pattern) then in Other -> Sex Toys press GRAB BUTT PLUGS or GRAB VIBRATORS. The sex toy no longer moves with the female, and can be positioned by dragging in the scene.

To Cum as a male: Open the Orgasm Options Menu by pressing the last button in the Action tab. Click Preload Cum Textures (if needed) then press Male Cum.

To create a BDSM scene: Other -> Bondage, Domination & Role Play. In the first few pages you can dress your character and add items like nipple clamps, blindfolds and more. In the last few pages you can restrain the female character with cuffs and chains and other items. You can also create a new random BDSM scene in Other -> Create New Looks & Scenes -> Random BDSM SCENE (requires you to have installed the AddOns).

To create an MMF Double Penetration Threesome:  The new standing supported pose is an MMF threesome double penetration pose. You must first select 3some -> 3some with BI MALE and choose a male look. Then choose the pose on the second Pose page where the female has her legs wrapped around a standing male. 

To create a Lesbian scene: In the Male tab, choose a female from the second page.

To create a Gay Male scene: Open the last page of the Female tab and choose any male look.

To create an alien / robot / demon scene: Other -> Create New Looks & Scenes -> 3rd Page. On the 3rd page of Create New Looks you can create strange Alien / Robot / Demon looks for male and female characters. You can also add Fantasy items, such as wings in Other -> Sex Toys & Fantasy Items on the last couple of pages.

The third person in a threesome can be set to dance. Go to Other -> Dance. Press under the vamX UI where it says Animate: Female until you see Animate: 3some. Now when you choose any of the dances, it will cause the third person / 3some person to dance.

vamX 0.95 and higher:

To hear your own custom music / mp3 audio: Name up to 7 music files Music1.mp3, Music2.mp3, etc., and place these files in your VaM/Custom/Sounds folder. In vamX go to Sound -> Local Music & Sound. Press the left arrow to go backwards to the last page. On the last page of Local Music & Sound you'll find buttons to play the 7 custom music files.

Toggle on/off the vamX UI using your VR controller's trigger buttons. If you have two VR controllers active, only one of the triggers will toggle on/off the vamX UI (allowing you to also press trigger without toggling the vamX UI if you wish).

Add fog and mirrors in the last pages of the Light menu!

vamX 1.2 and higher:
The fantasy character builder has been moved to the Female Tab. Go to Female -> Fantasy Character Builder for many ways to quickly and easily customize / build a female look.

To change the look of the vagina / labia / clit go to Female -> Fantasy Character Builder and go to the last page (which is easiest to get to by pressing the back back arrow key once from the first Fantasy Character Builder page).

vamX 1.3 and higher:
If you press Smart Thrust it controls the speed and type of action, as well as variations within the current pose and hand movements.

If you want automatic hand movements only, but to manually control pose, speed and other actions, click Stop Thrust, then click Smart Thrust ADD HAND MOVEMENTS.

This same trick works for adding pose variations only, or hand and pose variations while maintaining manual control of action speed and type of male and female thrusts.

In Sound -> Moans & Female Voice you can configure her moans. For moan sounds only, without English words, choose Moans Only (Belle).  For the original sound set choose Moans Only (original).

If you are using the default Dirty Talk & Moans (Belle) you can choose to have a more innocent style of Dirty Talk without fuck / cum, etc. by choosing Clean / No Swearing.

Dialog is designed to be spoken by a woman, but the dialog can be used for gay males. Arousal dialog (not stories) automatically adapt to lesbian and gay partners by removing text that doesn't make sense (your dick feels so good in my pussy). To make the voice sound more male (it's not perfect) open Sound -> Moans & Female Voice and lower the pitch by a few button presses.

Go to Other -> Stories Talking & Text to start a story. [C] indicates relatively clean dialog, [E] indicates dialog with more swearing or that is more explicit. For example clean dialog may be "I need you" or "Oh, that feels so good". Explicit dialog includes all clean dialog plus items like "Fucking give me that cum".

While in a story you can control the story progress using the Story Controls (which open automatically when starting a story). In a story one or more sentences are spoken, and then there are often pauses. To skip to the next sentence, or skip over a pause, press the Play Next Line button.

Stories generally progress with some talking that sets the scenario, followed by actions such as undressing, and leading into sex. To skip to the next sexual stage (sort of next chapter of the story) press Skip to Next Sexual Stage.

If you wish to stay in the current stage with no further talking or progress, press Pause Story (then press Play Next Line to resume).

When stories finish the Story Control menu will close and the Pose menu will open, so you can continue into additional sexual interactions.

For variations on a story, open the Other -> Emotions menu and choose an emotion, then start the story to have that emotion as her general mood for the story.

vamX 1.4 and higher:
Stories now load specific female looks when starting a story. Stories can also work with other/custom looks.

To use your own look for a story, uncheck the Load Female checkbox in Other -> Stories Talking & Text. First load your chosen look, then start the story, so vamX can alter your look as needed to fit the story, for example by loading appropriate clothing to strip, or changing to an android skin for your look, etc.

When in a story, in the story controls area, note there is a second page of story controls. In the second page you can stop the background music, and change her lip movement size.

Improved Possession. Clicking Possess + in VR now opens a possession menu. Clicking Possess Male (or Possess Female) turns on only the relevant nodes for that person, so you don't accidentally possess the wrong nodes. If you have Vive trackers, or want to 2-stage possess the hip, pelvis, or penis-base for linking a controller to hip movement, click Add 2-Stage trackers.  For full body possession there is also a 2-Stage 5+ trackers button.  If you want to Possess the male, but have one controller controlling the female pelvis or head for manual movement, first press Possess Male (and step into the male), then in the female section press Add 2-Stage 3 Trackers for the female (and link a controller or tracker to the female node you want to control).

If you have trouble connecting Vive trackers, go to Settings (or Devices -> Controller Settings) -> Controllers Tab -> Manage Vive Trackers. For each tracker you must select a role (doesn't matter which role, just any role even the wrong one) from the following set: Left Foot, Right Foot, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder, Waist, Chest, Camera, Keyboard. After changing roles you must restart SteamVR!

If you want to play both web audio and local background music, you must start the local background music first, then start the web audio. Press on local background music stops web audio.

vamX 1.6 and higher:

To enable Male Moans press VAMMoan Males Moan on the 4th Plugins page.

To improve FPS enable Give Me FPS on the 1st Plugins page.

To stop vamX from controlling head movement and setting default female facial expressions, press Stop vamX Head Control & Expressions from the 2nd Plugins page.

For different personalities / expressions enable one of the E-Motion profiles on the 2nd Plugins page.

If you want your controllers to vibrate when you touch people (Oculus Only!) press Touch Feedback on the 2nd Plugins page.

For alternate types of Female Moans use VAMMoan or Life Moans on the 4th Plugins page.

For various minor improvements, press Add All Plugins On This Page on the 5th Plugins page.

When you enable clit toys (vibrators) in Other -> Toys, the female pussy now vibrates. You can also manually turn this on by pressing Labia Vibration on the 6th Plugins page.

You can create a BJ with simultaneous HJ by selecting the BJ pose in the Pose tab, then adding the Silver Hand Job plugin on the 6th Plugins page.

To get both people to try to kiss in any pose, add Silver Kiss in the 6th Plugins page.

If you want her to thrust in response to spanking, add Spankings with Moans and Hip Thrusting from the 6th Plugins page.

If you want the 3rd person (threesome) to have more of a personality, you can add E-Motion (or other plugins) to the female, then press Copy Female Plugins to Threesome on the 7th Plugins page.

If you want to set up a scene with 3 lesbians, press the Male tab, then select a female look on the 2nd page, and also add a 3some. Then add VAMMoan on the 4th Plugins page. This adds different sets of moan audio to each female, so each female has a unique voice.

If you want to set up a scene with 3 gay men, press the Female tab, and on the last page select a female look, and also add a 3some and set the 3some to be  a Bi Male. Then add VAMMoan on the 4th Plugins page. This adds different pitches of moan audio to each male, so each male has some variation in voice.

If you want to add other (non VAMMoan) plugins only to the male, or threesome, you first need to add them to the female, then use Copy Female on the 7th Plugins page, and then Remove All Plugins From Female. The male / threesome will then be set up as you wish, and you can now add whatever female only plugins you want to the female.

vamX 1.7 and higher:

If the penis and pussy don't quite align, you can drag the penis position slider or go to Action -> Stop All, adjust the pose manually, then go to Pose -> Custom to save the current pose as a custom pose. Once you've pressed Custom Pose, if you go to Action -> Stop All it will reset the pose to that Custom pose. Also the thrusting actions will be recalculated to hopefully correct the alignment during sex. The thrusting action should automatically work based on common sexual activities such as sex, hand job, blow job, female dominant sex, etc.

Use vamX in any scene by Merge Loading vamX. To Load vamX into a scene open the Virt-a-Mate main menu -> main UI (the upper left corner of the UI with three horizontal lines). Go to the File (Open/Save) tab, then press Merge Load Scene. Choose the vamX.1.7 package from the left side, then choose the correct Merge Load scene based on if your scene has no people, one person, or multiple people.
Merge Load 1-minute demo video
on RedGIFs or Slushe (Slushe can be slow)
Merge Load Tutorial Video on Mega or X VIDEOS (set the quality in x videos to 1080p).

If adding vamX to a scene with two or more people, merge load "Merge Load vamX into Scenes With People". If the scene already has animation, the animation will continue until you load a new Pose (for example if you just want to swap around looks, change hair, lighting, etc.). If a scene starts with, for example, foreplay, you can then switch to sex by pressing any vamX sex pose. When you first switch to a vamX pose the main people are attached to you (your view in desktop mode or your controller in VR mode). Move the people near the location you want, then press END MOVE (or the Virt-a-Mate menu vamX UI button). Make sure they aren't intersecting any other objects when you press END MOVE. If its hard to get the perfect position, just put them near your final position (not touching any objects), then press START MOVE again to further adjust and fine tune the position. If you have a third person in the scene, and have chosen a pose where the third person stands separately and watches, you will have the chance to set the third person's positions once you finish setting the couple's position.

Many scenes are often just one, non-animated female ("look scenes"). For these types of scenes (or any scenes with only one person), merge load "Merge Load vamX into Scenes With Female Only" to start using vamX with that look / scene. After merge loading vamX, the easiest way to start using the scene is to first select a Pose, (enable the Male if you want) then go to Action and start an action. You can also start her dancing (although it will be in a sort of random place in the scene) through Other -> Dance. If the scene is just a look, without much of an environment, go to Scene and choose a scene for optimal placement of poses and dances with that look.

If the scene is just an environment without any people in it, merge load "Merge Load vamX into Scenes Without People". When loading into an environment without any people the vamX female appears, and is attached to you (your view in desktop mode or your controller in VR mode). Move her near the location you want, then press END MOVE (or the Virt-a-Mate menu vamX UI button). Make sure she isn't intersecting any other objects when you press END MOVE. If its hard to get the perfect position, just put her near your final position (not touching any objects), then press START MOVE again to further adjust and fine tune the position.

When you want to change to a new scene after merge loading a few scenes, it's often a good idea to reset Virt-a-Mate to make loading further scenes faster. Open the Virt-a-Mate main UI (the upper left corner of the UI with three horizontal lines). Go to File (Open/Save) and press Hard Reset (red button near the bottom). It's often quicker to hard reset, then load a scene, instead of just directly loading that scene.

Improved move poses. Now, after you set the couple's pose, if there is a third person, you then set the third person's location. You only set the third person's location if the person is standing separately, not if they are part of a vamX threesome pose where all people are touching. As before, move poses sets locations separately for standing poses and lying down poses. Lying down poses include all poses that aren't standing, including seated poses.  Once a standing location is set, all further standing poses load at that location. Same for lying poses. You can manually move poses any time by going to vamX UI -> Pose -> START MOVE.

vamX 1.8 and higher:

Try turning on Male Moans by clicking Sound, then Male Moans ON. Male moans are off by default in VR, and on by default in Desktop mode.

You can control most of the vamX UI / functions through voice commands / speech recognition.

You can have an entire experience using only voice commands, for example: Change clothes. Again. Let's go to the roof. Will you stand up? Wear a dress. Put on something sexy. Let's go to the pool. Would you turn on some music? Something else. Change the lights. Dance for me. Wear something for a strip tease. Now strip. Get naked. Let's have sex. Let's do it in the bedroom. Faster. Touch your breasts. Put your legs back. Can you do the splits? Turn over. Let's do it doggie style. Sit on my face. Straddle me. Come on top of me. Touch my face. Are you ready to cum? I'm cumming.

1) Set your Windows default microphone before opening Virt-a-Mate
Have the Virt-a-Mate window active (the last selected window)
Learn more about voice commands

You can turn off voice control by unchecking the Speech Recognition checkbox at the bottom of the vamX Sound tab. If turned off it stays off (even when reloading VaM) until turned on again. Voice recognition is performed locally on your computer by Windows 10.

Improve FPS using the new Speed (fps) & Quality button, in the Light tab. You can disable mirrored surfaces for a major increase in fps in the default vamX scene. You can also choose to switch all scene lights to vertex for speed increase, or use the new vamX ADAPTIVE pixel lighting. ADAPTIVE pixel lighting automatically switches lights between vertex and pixel based on their closeness, without creating flickering (Virt-a-Mate's default implementation for Auto light switching creates a lot of flickering lights). It's based on the number of pixel lights you have set in the VaM User Preferences -> Pixel Light Count.

When switching to a dance animation in a custom / merge loaded scene, the people and any required items (like a stripping pole) are linked to your view or VR controller. Move them to where you want the dance or sex animation to take place, then press trigger on your VR controller, or in desktop mode press the Virt-a-Mate main menu's vamX button, or the vamX Pose END MOVE button.

Set emotions / facial expressions for all three people in the scene, including for male people. In other -> Mood / Emotion, choose which person you want to change, then set any static or changing emotion. Males can now both speak and have emotions.

vamX 1.9 and higher:

Also see the simple in-game help by going to Scene -> Help.

vamX 1.10 and higher:

Also see the complete in-game step-by-step interactive walk-through of vamX, step-by-step interactive walk through of vamX. Open Help -> vamX MAIN TUTORIAL (from the Scene tab).

Experimental Orgy functionality. Add an additional couple to vamX. This will dramatically lower your frame rate. This functionality is for advanced users, or users willing to play around until they get the desired results. Not all vamX features work with orgies.
Create an Orgy in the 2nd page of the 3some tab.
2) Adjust the new 2nd couple by pressing "All vamX Controls Orgy M & F (2nd couple)".
3) Change poses, or female / male looks, and they will apply to the 2nd (new) couple.
4) Go to the 3some tab and switch back to the Default M & F (1st couple) any time to change the original couple.
You  can keep switching back and forth to configure both couples. You can  also add a threesome to have one couple and one threesome. Not all  combinations and features will work well, and some settings may be lost  or changed when switching which couple you are controlling with vamX. In  the future, there will be poses added that have all 4 or five people  having sex together.

You can change male & female hand poses (for masturbating, stroking, etc.) in the 2nd page of the Pose tab. You can also enable move/gyrate on the hip hands & head, and pose or move the mouth and tongue (have her stick out her tongue and lick). These changes only last until the pose is changed. Use Action -> Just Thrust (instead of Action -> Start Thrust) or choose thrust options in the Auto Thrust menu to prevent automatic pose changes.

vamX 1.12 and higher

To create a custom pose (Advanced Users or Creators Only!) 1) Go to Pose -> Move Pose & Custom Poses

2) Press Save Custom Poses. Once you press Save Custom Poses vamX will stop animating / moving the people in the scene (until you finish creating and saving the pose).

3) Adjust the pose, or load a new pose, and position both people as you wish. If you don't know how to make poses you'll need to watch other Virt-a-Mate tutorials on creating poses.

4) Choose what you want your pose relative to by pressing one of the SAVE POSE as buttons. In general poses in Virt-a-Mate are saved in an absolute location. In vamX, poses are often saved relative to known locations, such as a good standing area designated for each scene. If you want to create a pose that will load correctly in all vamX environments, put your pose in the appropriate location in the default vamX Antique Room (fireplace room) and choose to save relative to the bed, standing or seated locations. For example, if you place your new pose in the same place as the normal standing poses in the Antique Room (which is by the dresser and mirror in that room) then choose SAVE POSE as Standing Pose, your new pose will load in the standing pose location in all vamX Scenes.

5) Choose a save slot. There are 10 save slots that are SHARED. If you save a standing pose into slot 1, then later save a seated pose into slot 1, you will overwrite the standing pose.  You can save up to 10 total custom poses.

6) Your pose won't be perfect the first time. vamX tries to align your new pose to vamX's variety of sexual actions. You will probably need to adjust your pose a few times and click Save again if you want your pose to be well aligned. Not all custom poses will be able to align perfectly even after adjustment.

You can then quickly load custom poses using the Pose -> Move Pose & Custom Poses -> Load Custom Pose 1 (through 10) buttons.  You can also load (but not save) Custom Poses with voice commands, such as Load Custom Pose 1, or just Custom Pose 1.

vamX 1.15 and higher

In vamX 1.15 and higher you have a lot of control and options in how to link the OSR2+ to vamX, including manual twist.

To add larger twist by reprogramming your OSR2 see the last paragraph of this help section.


To use the OSR2+ in vamX go to Plugins -> 3rd Page -> and choose either the TCode or Random Stroker plugins.

TCode makes the OSR2 respond to the actions in vamX. This is the standard way of using the OSR2 with vamX. When the girl in vamX moves up, it makes the OSR2 move up, if she wiggles her hips, the OSR2 wiggles. Basically, you feel something similar to what you see in vamX.

The Random Stroker generates its own female movements, sending those to both the OSR2 and overriding the vamX female movements. This controls both the female and the OSR2 together, creating female movements based on movement patterns that feel good when used with the OSR2. The vamX version of the Random Stroker integrates into the vamX Arousal to Orgasm system, so the random movements generated make sense based on the female's building arousal. The Random Stroker plugin won't work in all poses.

There are two OSR2 TCode control options:

TCode 3.2 - Accurate Thrusting

TCode 3.2 accurately moves the OSR2 based on the real relation of the vagina and penis. Negatives: Due to this accuracy there is very little rotational movement of the OSR2, and if the penis falls out the OSR2 stops. Positives: The thrusting (OSR up & down movements) are much better and more accurate, and can be configured in vamX to focus on the penis tip, penis base, or have larger or smaller thrust. Because this is based on the real positions of the penis and vagina, you can do things like possess the male or female hips in VR, then move your VR controller to manually control OSR2 thrust (making sure the penis doesn't fall out).

TCode 2.1 - Bigger Rotations and Non-Thrusting Movements

TCode 2.1 has much larger side-to-side and forwards-backwards rotations since it's based on the female hip controller movements as instructed by vamX. Negatives: Less realistic, includes more OSR2 rotation and other movements than are actually seen in vamX. Positives: More stimulating due to larger OSR2 rotating side-to-side,  forwards-backwards, and other axis movements.

Advanced Users: In case you want to manually edit plugin parameters all OSR2 plugins are added to an Atom named Plugin_OSR. When starting TCode or the Random Stroker, that Atom is automatically selected, so if you don't click anywhere else in the scene, and set Virt-a-Mate to edit mode, you can click the Plugins tab of the Plugin_OSR object, then Open Custom UI... for manual configuration.  Manual configuration may not be needed due to all of the vamX buttons that control these plugins, including initial port selection.

vamX Mods of TCode Plugins and Random Stroker PluginsThe versions of TCode and the Random Stroker in vamX are modified to be easier to use, and to work well in vamX. These versions:

1) Allow you to instantly switch between TCode 3.2, TCode 2.1 and Random Stroker plugins with a single button click. The last OSR2 serial port is remembered, and shared between plugins, so the OSR2 doesn't skip a beat when switching plugins. This can allow you to quickly check to see what feels best to you in the moment, then change plugins any time.

2) Work with vamX menu buttons. Choose a port, start and stop the OSR2, and configure some aspects of its range of movement, without ever opening the plugins menu.

3) Add Twist. Most real movements don't have twist (the woman spinning in a circle around your penis). Use the vamX Twist menu to add OSR2 twist movements to any vamX OSR2 plugin. Twist is near the end of all TCode and Random Stroker vamX menus. Press MANUAL TWIST, then set the twist speed and range. To stop manual twist and use only the twist (if any) in your current OSR2 plugin, press AUTO TWIST. Once set, your twist settings stay even if you change which OSR2 plugin you are using.

4) Change to hand job or blow job poses in TCode 2.1. Before vamX, you had to manually set which part of the woman the OSR2 should respond to. In vamX this is automatically set as you change poses, so if you were having sex, and switch to a blow job, the OSR2 automatically changes to respond to the blow job movements of the head.

The following information is for people who want to increase the size of the twist movements, and have programmed, or know how to program, their OSR2+ (if you don't yet know how, you can always subscribe to then join the Tempest Discord). For manual twist, the default OSR sketch (.ino file format) has a very limited twist that is designed to mimic real world twist of the woman's hips. Unfortunately there isn't much twist in most sex movements, so this isn't very useful. The twist is more stimulating when set as an extra stimulation without being linked to "real" scene movements. The default OSR ino sketch has a relatively small twist range, which can easily be expanded by changing some values in the sketch. Search for "Mix and send servo channels" and find two lines that say twist =
  twist  = (xRot - map(twistPos,-1500,1500,9999,0))/5;
  twist  = constrain(twist, -750, 750);
Try changing the -1500 and 1500 to -4500 and 4500, then commenting out the second line. The result looks like this for OSR2-Release3_2
  twist  = (xRot - map(twistPos,-4500,4500,9999,0))/5;
  //twist  = constrain(twist, -750, 750);
You then need to press the Upload button to send the sketch to your OSR2. You can experiment with these constants, or leave twist with constrain set to other values, if you wish.

Fleshlight & Other Sleeve Toys

If it's your first time using a Fleshlight, or you are considering purchasing a sleeve to help simulate sex in vamX, try the Turbo Thrust Ignition (softer sex / blow job / good all around). Jenna Haze Obsession, Stoya Destroya, Riley Reid Utopia, Mini Lotus and Heavenly also receive good reviews. Many people have the experience that the sleeve feels better and better over multiple uses (as you get used to the sleeve). When starting, especially if it's your first time using the sleeve, warm the sleeve for 5-15 minutes in very warm water (not so hot that you can't leave your hands in the water). Put it into the case. Don't fully close the back cap of the Fleshlight so the suction isn't too high inside (try half way closed). You need to use lots of water-based lube, and it's best to warm your lube also (in a closed bottle). Then after, you need to clean (by rinsing thoroughly with warm water) and dry your sleeve. We recommend carefully turning each end of the sleeve inside out for a short time to clean and dry it, although this can damage your sleeve if not done carefully (we recommend it, but it's controversial). To clean more thoroughly, use 70% isopropyl alcohol (only). Take the time to learn more about cleaning and care online.

VAM Sync (VAMSync)

VAM Sync works best in vamX 1.13 and above.

You can sync The Handy, Fleshlight Launch, Kiiro Keon or other stroking toys / machines to vamX. The Handy is recommended due to the sync at low and high speeds being more accurate / less stuttering.

To sync these toys you need to install VAM Sync (by qDot / Zengineer).

Install VAM Sync 2.0 or 3.0:
- or download from -
- or if you have a zip file browser like 7-zip -
You can extract and run the vamsync-installer.exe from the latest vamX package in the var/Custom/Scripts/Other/VaMSync-2.0 folder

If you downloaded a .zip file, you only need to run the vamsync-installer.exe, the other files / scripts are not required when used in vamX.

The installer isn’t signed, so you’ll need to press More info, then Run anyway, to install.

You must only install VaMSync once. After that, if you need to reinstall, you must first uninstall VaMSync using Add/Remove Programs, then install again.

After installing, you can open VAMSync from your Start Menu. One way to find VAMSync is by opening your Start Menu and typing VAMSync. Open VAMSync now.

To Connect The Handy to VAM Sync You Must Have Firmware 3.0 or Greater.

Attach the power to your Handy, then hold down the oval button directly above the power light on your Handy until you see a blue light.

If the light starts slowly pulsing blue, you have firmware 3.0 or higher and can continue.

If you can only get a purple light or a quickly flashing darker/lighter blue light (or the next step of connecting to VAMSync doesn’t work) you must  update to firmware 3 at

For vamX 1.13 and higher, go to Scene -> Help -> Feel vamX with Moving Sex Toys for a tutorial on using VAM Sync with The Handy and other toys.

How to Sync Your Toy with VAM Sync

1) Open VAMSync from your Start Menu (if it’s not already open).

2) Set your toy to Bluetooth mode (for Handy, connect the power then hold the button above the power light until it slowly pulses blue).

3) Your device should show up in VaM Sync under the Stop Scanning button. If it doesn’t, pres Stop Scanning, then Start Scaning and wait for a few seconds. If that doesn’t help update your toy’s firmware or check your computer’s Bluetooth. If your toy was connected but lost power or stopped working, power off your toy, close VAM Sync, power on your toy and set it to Bluetooth, then open VAM Sync and see if your toy appears.

4) Check the box next to your device to connect. 

5) Open vamX, then click the Plugins tab. Then follow the instructions below based on what version of vamX you have:

For vamX 1.13 and higher Go to Plugins Page 1 -> Control The Handy Launch & Other Toys -> Start VAM Sync. You can then use the Position Lower / Higher buttons and Range Lower / Higher buttons. Go to Scene -> Help -> Feel vamX with Moving Sex Toys for a tutorial on using VAM Sync with The Handy and other toys.

For older versions of vamX click the VAM Sync button on the 3rd plugins page, but the sync in older versions of vamX was less accurate, sometimes inverted, and doesn't allow you to fine tune range or position in the vamX menu system.


Important Note for Oculus Users: To hear web audio in VaM for Oculus headsets you may need to change your current audio output device to Rift audio (from the bottom right speaker icon in Windows). 

If you don't see a web browser for YouTube music playlists, Virt-a-Mate's web browser functionality may be not working on your computer, and therefore buttons in Sound -> Online Music & Sound won't work. A user (thanks VaM Hub user pertily) found that installing a specific c++ redistributable package solved this issue:

If random changes happen, for example you were in the middle of sex and she starts dancing, or has chains appear, etc. the voice recognition system may be interpreting background sounds or noises as voice commands. You can turn off voice recognition by unchecking the Speech Recognition checkbox at the bottom of the vamX Sound tab. If turned off it stays off (even when reloading VaM) until turned on again.

If something goes wrong / strange, the best way to fix everything is by opening the Virt-a-Mate Main UI (clicking the three bar icon in the menu) then in the File tab press "Hard Reset". Then load the vamX scene again.

After you merge load a scene and set the first pose location, further poses of the same type will load in the same place. The three types are: bed/lying, standing, seated/chair. If you set a bed pose, and then change to another bed pose, but your pose loads in the wrong location, you probably didn't set things correctly during Move Pose (you probably moved the female main control node instead of the "__MOVE_COUPLE_TOGETHER" node). Move Pose is also active right after merge loading.

If further poses don't load in place:
1) Choose a bed (or other) pose.
2) Go to vamX Menu -> Pose -> MOVE POSE (the "__MOVE_COUPLE_TOGETHER" node will be selected).
3) Move that selected node using the arrows and semi-circles, without selecting any other objects or moving anything else. If you change selections, press End Move then Start Move again.
4) When the pose is aligned press End Move.  Further poses of that type (e.g. bed) will now load in the same place.


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts