Help Guild Literay Complex Make Chicago a City of Refuge!

Since 1989, the Guild Literary Complex has served the Chicago community through innovative programming that highlights the intersections of marginality, the power of community, and the impact of arts and activism. We build on Chicago’s rich literary traditions through vibrant storytelling and radical inclusion, advancing access to and from the margins. The Guild Literary Complex supports and encourages voices of all backgrounds and experiences to tell their truths, whether they are literary powerhouses or talented newcomers. We view literature as a vehicle of connectivity, and aim to merge seemingly disparate groups across Chicago's 50 wards.

Starting today, November 29th 2016, Guild Literary Complex is taking a new step forward in this mission with our Writers of Refuge program. Based on the Cities of Refuge project already popular in Europe, this is a new program designed to accommodate refugee and immigrant writers and get them set up on the path to citizenship or asylum status. By supporting 1-2 writers over a 2-4 year period, this will allow for cycling, so that there is a constant stream of new people coming into Chicago and the country.

But we can’t do this alone. Even with plans to have our writers working, they  need money for food, transportation, and housing, which is where you come in. Through Patreon, you will be funding a home for these projects. Below, see what your money can go for with a month’s payment. 

$1 - Food.

$5 - CTA Transportation

$10 - Classroom supplies

Our writers of refuge will be teaching, and we’re going to be needing supplies for them!

$20 - Personal budget.

$50 - Miscellania

$100 - Office space

$250 - Utilities

$500 - Rent 

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