Help me help you
Hey guys! Patreon has /just/ allowed me to access the surveys people take when they take away their pledges. This showed me a lot of comments people left about why they were leaving (which is handy). 

Most (if not all) of the complaints could have been solved by just asking me a question. If you have an issue, or topic you want me to cover, TELL me. I can't help you unless you bring something to my attention, and I want to make this page the best I can ^_^. I would never ignore a question or topic on purpose, so let me know so I can help. 

Also, I don't get notified if you comment on an old post, and typically only read comments on brand new posts (from the last 1-3 days). If you ask a question on an old post I probably wont see it. Send me a pm instead :)

Hope I can help even more. 

Thanks guys!