Help me reach 180$ by the end of September so I can keep making the comic
Hey everyone, 

First of all I want to thank each one of my patrons for all your support every month. Your contribution, no matter how small, really encourages me to keep going and working hard to bring the story to completion.

But the truth is, if Patreon support doesn't increase in the coming months I'll have to relocate a lot more of my time into finding freelance work elsewhere, which means that the production of pages will severely decrease or end altogether. 

I hope you can help me reach 180$ by the end of September. This sum helps me cover some of my living expenses, so I can continue updating the comic with 4 pages each month.

I'm asking those of you who enjoy my comic, and want me to tell the story to completion, to please consider subscribing to my Patreon. For as little as 1$ a month you can help me achieve my dream of working on comics full-time and bring you more frequent updates and also launch The Knightmaiden, my second webcomic.

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