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Hi, I'm Mai it's so nice to meet you!!!! 

  This patreon is to help support up in coming video game developer by beta testing their games and sending feed back. I love new games and, I think that everyone deserves a chance. Especially the people that work hard on their passion.  If you love video games as much as i do help support our game developers to push out new game. 

   This patreon is also to help support up in coming music talent. It takes only pennies a day.  With your support you can help care and feed these's poor, starving and disenfranchised musicians. With your help we can make, boring people become less boring, by making them listen to our music. Thus helping the environment. Creating less bad vibes thew out the world!!!!!! 

Please help save the planet! Most complain there is nothing they can do about it. Here's you chance.

Are you gonna take it?