Helping The Comic Book
I have a lot of sketches of my characters colored but I have more ideas to add to it.

How ever I have been taking a small step back since I am doing a really special drawing for a good friend.

At Puerto Rico comic con 2017, at my booth 219 on the Arts and Crafts alley I will be having for sale $2 each pin of my main character.

Anyone interested in attending the event and help donating to this your more then welcome too.

As for the mini sketches on my patreon each day I will be posting in my instagram, twitter, Google + and here my 1 of the sketches completed or in process thru patreon.

Pleas help me in patreon even if it's just $1 per month it will help me make my comic a dream come true.

For direct link they are available below;

(Needs a google account to recibe monthly donations)

Twitter - @MEN_Meg_Elly