Helping each other out <3 - Results
Hello everyone! Hope you're doing good. I'm writing this update to tell you about what comes out of the sample collecting I did with the form "Helping each other out <3", which was about indie creators psychological needs. I will be making two articles about it. The first one, this one, about the results and a second one with my analysis. Keep in mind this is not part of any research - I made it to have some clues on where to aim my future research. Let's get this thing going!

Who answered?

I had 60 answers total. In the form, people could put their age but were not obligated to do so; only four persons did not. The youngest to identify as an indie was 16 years old and the oldest was 42 years old. The average age was ~27 years old. 50% of them were identifying themselves as full time indie and the other half didn't. Some have been qualifying themselves as indie for only 1 month, some for 21 years. The median for how long they've been indies is 3, with an average of ~4 years. 

The most popular category of people answering said they work in video games with a majority of 73.3%. "Drawing and painting" came second with 16.7% of the indies. There was also a hardware engineer, a photographer and a writer.

What's the best part of being an indie?

The most popular answer has been the creative aspect of being an indie. Making ideas come to life, having others to enjoy our own creations, feeling different because of the freedom of creativity. Speaking of freedom, it came second and in all sorts of form; notably creative freedom and freedom of expression. 9 out of the 60 indies have mentioned the community aspect, precising that sharing and getting support is important to them. Some other answers included doing things you enjoy and the feeling of making a difference and/or something different. 

What's the worst part of being an indie?

The first thing that came out here was financial insecurity with 40% of the indies reporting on that. This insecurity also produces stress and anxiety, both of these were at number two of the most popular answers. Self-doubt and lack of motivation and goal(s) came third. There were no particular strong tendencies other than those three. Some other answers included loneliness, lack of skills for their own well-being, too much or not enough exposure, cliques and fear of failure.

Which of these topics would you be interested in learning more about?

I asked indies which of these topics would they be interesting in learning about: Personality, Anxiety, Online Victimization, Conflict Resolution, Sexual Health, Family Violence / Intimate Partner Violence, Mental Disorders, Self-Realization and Other (specify). They could choose as many as they wanted. 56 indies have answered that question. Here are each topics popularity.

#1 Anxiety - 69.6%

#2 Self Realization - 64.3%

#3 Personality - 55.4%

#4 Conflict Resolution

#5 Mental Disorders - 28.6%

#6 Online Victimization & Sexual Health - 25% each

#7 Family Violence / Intimate Partner Violence - 10.7%

Others have specified they'd like to learn about relationships in general, self-esteem and stress management.


As I previously said, this is simply a sample collecting and not an actual research. I used this to help me have a broad image and some information to better aim my research project on indies psychological needs. I will be publishing some observations and analysis of the results later tonight (Jan 9th). 

Thanks for everyone who participated, I greatly appreciate it, and I'll share thoughts later tonight <3