Helping Fellow Creatives
We recently hosted two amazing creatives and helped facilitate linking them with more amazing creatives. The whole endeavor was pretty exciting. Our guests were Matt Dwyer and his girlfriend Kelly Rose. She is a great photographer and Matt is a Second City alumnus who has been living in LA as a writer and comedian. Matt has been doing an interview podcast for a while now, seeking out interesting people (he has interviewed Shane several times) from every walk of life. The podcast has a strong listenership, so he and Kelly decided to expand their reach a bit and head out of LA and up the coast eventually landing in Astoria to stay with us. We hooked them up with our amazing community radio station where they appeared on two different shows to talk about his podcast, her photos and their brief interview road trip putting them on the other side of the interview for a bit. Matt interviewed several of the very best poets of our fishing community - yes, our age old fishing community is home to some captivating poets and is the birthplace of the movement known as Fisher Poets, which culminates each February with the Fisher Poets Gathering bringing fishermen and women from all over together for a weekend of fishing tales to make you laugh and cry. Matt interviewed and Kelly photographed Geno Leech, Lara Messersmith-Glavin, and a pre-trip phone interview with Dave Densmore. We also set them up with local personality Michael McCusker, a Vietnam War vet and activist, Yippie, revolutionary, left wing publisher, writer, and radio show personality, and chef/dancer/masseuse Marco Davis and his female alter ego Daylight Cums. Matt did another interview with Shane, this time in person on Shane's home turf, talking about art and survival, and Shane took them on a trip to the home of Kurt Cobain in Aberdeen and to see the devastation that is Washaway Beach where the ocean is reclaiming a neighborhood in Grayland, Washington. It is always a great experience to be able to help other creatives in their quest to make something wonderful. By building a link of creative people and bringing them together the world is improved, we helped bring great content to Matt and Kelly, and gave those interviewed a chance to be heard by an entirely new audience, who knows where it could lead! This experience makes me recall many years ago when Shane and I organized a large music and art festival called the Expo Of the Extreme, it was held in Chicago twice, in 1997 and 1999, both were total financial disasters for us. Serious disasters. It was the culmination of struggle and strife and many sleepless nights on our part, but bands got signed by record labels, new bands formed through meetings at the event, artists and musicians linked together and many new projects and relationships were birthed by our seemingly disastrous deed. In the end, the event actually changed the lives of people, and if that isn't something to be incredibly proud of, then I don't know what is! Helping Matt and Kelly, and their dogs Charlie and Jack, is one of those things, it seems like a minor act of kindness, but it helps them and those they interviewed, and you just don't know how such things might turn out.