A helping hand.
I have been thinking about how I can help other where ever we decide to sail. 

The easiest thing I can do is  donating to churches and orphanages. I currently have a few things collected by my family and others to bring with my to Jamaica for donation. We aren't bringing much but we know that these are things that someone will be very grateful for. 

 Besides that, I want to improve the lives of others on a larger scale. I am hoping that eventually, we can reach our goal and use the videos to help in many ways. We can bring others customers to local business that thrive on tourism to survive and we can help raise awareness to certain issues a community may be facing. 

This helping hand will come in the form of a video, by getting to know the people we meet in other parts of the world we will showcase communities and the lives that make them up. 

If all this does go well, we will take our extra monthly incomes (from working) and give back to communities in any way we can help.