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Hi, folks! Here's another one-panel about the Republicans proposing to lay waste to Medicaid and use the savings for tax cuts for the rich. I'm trying to express my fury and disgust at what they're doing, but it's difficult. Hopefully some of that comes through in this cartoon.

For this cartoon, I brought in my friend Adrian Wallace to co-draw. Adrian is an ace at drawing environments (he drew all the environments in my third "Hereville" book), and I knew he could communicate that this was an environment of great wealth, which is what the cartoon needed. Adrian drew the environment, while I drew the five figures.

It's a better cartoon because I could get Adrian to collaborate - and, of course, it's fun to work with a friend. But of course Adrian deserves to be paid for his work, and its all you patrons who have made that possible. Thank you.

I'm putting this on Patreon a day before I release it to the public, so y'all get to see it early! But $5 and above patrons, feel free to share this immediately if you'd like.

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